Lego Movies

       Here are all the lego movies I have done up to date (Well mostly). I like to make movies that are a parody of a movie or idea, action, and comedy. Normaly I create mixes of these catagories as you can see. An example of this would be A Lego Movie 3. In A Lego Movie 3 a man keeps getting his car stolen in some funny ways (like a man hidding behind a bush and sneaking up on him). But in this movie people get ran over and shot (No it is NOT violent aka no blood). Well anyway you can send me feedback on these movies and maybe I can post some user reviews. A bit about how I made these movies: I used a Sony TRV-120 Digital 8 camcorder. It is mine and I use to make movies with my friends as well and many oter things. I didnt use high tech legos because if you read my “About Me” section you will see that Lego stop-frame animation should not be your life, just a pass time. If you have alot of new legos from earlier use them, but I wouldnt waste money on more Legos. Its not the look of the movie, its the qaulity (But looks help). Well,enjoy! 



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